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Adobe dreamweaver cc quizlet free

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Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like cc files, Shares the document window with live view and focuses the dreamweaver work. [] descargar adobe dreamweaver cc gratis free download[/url], microsoft office professional volume license. Midterm Exam Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Dreamweaver CC ( release) provides three basic layouts, three responsive starter.


Adobe dreamweaver cc quizlet free.Adobe Dreamweaver CC


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Trevor wants to leave the country. He distrusts the government, dislikes the people, and hates the weather. But, then, he does get good healthcare. And he does like the TV.

The roads are pretty good, too. Philippa and Trevor are two examples of how luxury, technology, and easy-living can ensnare us or box us in. How is it that, without even knowing it, those things we thought were helpful and time-saving became indispensable essentials?

The Roman army was one of the most militarily effective and successful forces the world has ever known. On open land, their legions were pretty much unbeatable. But the Roman Empire was not built on the back of military genius and short, stabbing swords alone. The legions might have beaten a people, but they did not subdue them. Complete Flash slideshow2 where the images fly in from the side 2. Make a shine effect on an image of your choice not the one in the tutorial. Use the Kirupa tutorial here.

Computer Engineering? Complete Flash slideshow2 2. Assignment: Instead of the large pics appearing on frames , make them classic-tween and fly in from off the stage every 10 frames. Frames flies in flies in flies in flies in flies in flies in. Next assignment: Make a Flash photo gallery. First – find and save 6 images into a folder called gallery.

Images should be at least wide. Learning Goal: I will be able to create a basic Flash animation. How did you find it so easily? Quarter 2 Week 1 Essential Question: How can an industry certification help me in my career?

You can test in Ms. Brown’s or Ms. Dugan’s room today, or wait to test in my room Monday. Certification Link. Week 9 Essential Question: How can an industry certification help me in my career? Last day to certify for real is next Friday – then we have to wait. Log into certiport. Click on the G-Metrix icon on your desktop to practice. Week 8 Essential Question: How can I use my coding and creative ability to generate a professional portfolio website?

Learning Goal: I will be able to create an appropriate layout and color scheme for a professional portfolio website for myslef or another creative professional. Week 7 Essential Question: How can I use my coding and creative ability to generate a professional portfolio website?

Make sure you continue to show me completed tasks as you finish each of the 9 tasks. What are some things not to do? Week 6 Essential Question: How can I use my coding and creative ability to generate a professional portfolio website? Assume they have a border around all 4 sides. Write your margin-left on the inside box. If you get it correct, you are a 4 on the scale, if you are off by 20 you are a 3 on the scale, if you are off by more than 20 you are a 1 or a 2.

Make a list of tasks to complete your website at least 10 and how long you think it will take to do each 2. Begin your first or second task. Assignment: Create a professional portfolio website either for yourself or another creative professional of your choice. Who will you create a portfolio for? All of the following are major A cloud A viruses. A cloud computing enables the creation of Big D sniffers creation of Big Data.

B firms are turning to Web analytics to All of the following are fixed price D yield make sense out of Big Data. C the mobile computing and A bundling. All of the following are important factors in D adhering D computing and networking Web site optimization except: to component prices continue to fall A selecting keywords and page titles. B identifying market niches for your guidelines.

All of the following are methods of D adding Web services or products. C buying search engine ads. A separating static content from All of the following are issues facing B inability to dynamic content. Pinterest except: retain users. B optimizing ASP code. A copyright infringement. C optimizing the database schema. B inability to retain users. D adding Web servers.

C spam. All of the following are methods of D FTP. D scams. All of the following are key design C coding by except: principles of responsive Web design convention. A flexible grid-based layouts. C VPN. B media queries. D FTP. C coding by convention. D flexible images and media.

All of the following are online D targeted All of the following are using a C Barnes and communications that are used to support banner ads. A search engines. B Scribd. B online catalogs. C Barnes and Noble. C social networks. D Oyster. D targeted banner ads. All of the following are Web site design D redundant All of the following are simple steps for B segmenting features that annoy customers except: navigation. B segmenting computer servers to functions.

All of the following can be considered a D Starbucks. B Apple’s iTunes Store. All of the following are steps one can C replacing C Walmart. All of the following can be considered a A the except: dynamically precursor to e-commerce except: development of A scaling hardware vertically.

B scaling hardware horizontally. C the French Minitel. D improving processing architecture. D the development of Electronic Data All of the following are traditional online C social Interchange standards. All of the following experienced high- C Sony. A affiliate marketing. A Evernote. C social marketing. B Home Depot. D sponsorship marketing. C Sony.

All of the following are true about B They are D Adobe. All of the following may lead to a C fewer A They are distributed through Apple’s open-source competitive advantage except: products.

App Store. A less expensive suppliers. B They are cross-platform, open-source B better employees. C fewer products. C Over 75 billion have been D superior products. D Apple’s goal of offering apps is to All of the following might be part of a C legacy increase sales of iPhones, iPads, and Web site’s middle-tier layer except: corporate iPods.

A a database server. B an ad server. All of the following are used for D packet filters. C legacy corporate applications. A digital signatures. B certificates of authority. All of the following offer Web site D Apache C biometric devices. All of the following statements A Apple Pay is All of the following statements about B public key about Apple Pay are true except available for both public key cryptography are true cryptography which of the following?

A public key cryptography uses two authentication of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. C Apple Pay can be used for C public key cryptography does not mobile payments at the point of ensure message integrity. D public key cryptography is based D Apple Pay relies on the on the idea of irreversible consumer having a credit card on mathematical functions.

All of the following use an advertising D Amazon. All of the following statements B the data typically revenue model except: about cookies are true except: stored in cookies A Twitter. C Google. D Amazon. B the data typically stored in All of the following were visions of e- D fast follower cookies includes a unique ID and e- commerce expressed during the early advantage. B friction-free commerce. D the more cookies are deleted, C disintermediation.

A The term PKI refers to the computer of the A uniform resource locator system certification authorities and digital merchant is secure. B Internet protocol addressing certificate procedures that are schema accepted by all parties. C domain name system B PKI is not effective against D assigned numbers and names insiders who have a legitimate ANN system access to corporate systems including customer information.

All the following statements about C symmetric key C PKI guarantees that the verifying symmetric key cryptography are true cryptography is computer of the merchant is except: computationally secure.

A in symmetric key cryptography, slower. D The acronym PKI stands for both the sender and the receiver use public key infrastructure.

B the Data Encryption Standard is a symmetric key encryption system. C symmetric key cryptography is computationally slower. D symmetric key cryptography is a key element in digital envelopes. The basic value proposition of A they offer a fast, easily identifiable aspects of a company’s proposition; community providers is: convenient one-stop site business model.

C Value proposition; competitive their most important environment concerns and interests. D Revenue model; market strategy B they offer consumers valuable, convenient, time- A wiki C they create a digital B podcast electronic environment for C blog buyers and sellers to meet, D RSS feed agree on a price, and C System design specifications Bitcoins are an example of: A digital cash.

D Physical design specifications A digital cash. United States have broadband access to C a stored value payment the Internet. B 55 The business model of e- A e-distributors. C 75 tailers is quite similar to that D 85 of: The backbone of the Internet is formed B Network A e-distributors. Providers C exchanges. D service providers. A has grown at double-digit rates between and B has less revenue than C2C e-commerce. D is growing more slowly as it confronts its own fundamental limitations.

The concept behind document formatting D GML Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches A viral marketing had its roots in which of the following? Conversion rate is a measure of the: B percentage A percentage of visitors who indicate an of visitors who During which period of time C interest in a site’s products by registering become did the Institutionalization or visiting a product’s pages.

A C percentage of existing customers who B continue to buy on a regular basis.


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